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The Entertrainment Series: I (almost) Kissed a Girl And I (don’t) Like It

I used to love have a seat on daily train Commuter Line,but this morning people became crowded and I have no interresting to snatched and punched each other just to get a seat. However, I have favorite spot on train whenever I can’t sit: standing right next to automatic door. Anticipating more passengers to push in at Manggarai station, yes..the spot was very strategic. At least I don’t have to “ask politely” to any passengers for give me less path to the door!

Well, after I found my fave spot, I start to listen my mp3 playlists. Passengers increase more and more after we took off from Bekasi. Then a girl get into this stuffy train. She pushed and pushed until…voila! Strike a pose right in front of me. I don’t like the position between me and her since first time she jumped in.

Then she grabbed the jamb beside me so her hand almost punched my nose.

Theeen, the tide of passengers attacked us, pushed her close to me. Then I realized that we have that awkward moment of face-to-face. Duh, unless she’s Katy Perry, I didn’t expect something happened accidentally.

That’s why I used to prepared mask. Not because I’m germs-phobic but…well, we never know who’s brings what kind of disease that could spread by air. I’m wearing mask especially when train get stuffy, or when I walked from station to office.

But I still don’t get it why that girl looks comfort by standing very close to me. Maybe she has no choice but me… I’m a type who wants to push people everytime they stand too close to me 😀


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Seorang istri yang sok sibuk dengan urusan rumah tangga dan urusan-urusan kecil yang sering saya lihat dan dengar setiap hari hehehehe.. :D

One response to “The Entertrainment Series: I (almost) Kissed a Girl And I (don’t) Like It

  1. i think the mask…
    your mask making her feel comfy… hehehe…

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